Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Holidays

First I want to say I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  We are so blessed with a wonderful family, and not having to go hungry and be without. I Thank God for his bountifulness and all he does for us everyday.

 I do a lot of ordering online for my crafting supplies.  My back and legs don't do too well these days, and even using my walker wears me out.  I hate being pushed in a wheel chair because its just not fun. So I am constantly ordering online so it seems.  One of my favorite crafting goodies is my dies, oh I think I love them all, and of course I love glitter and my inks, flowers, papers.  Oh I could go on and on...
 I recently was online and got a message where something had been shipped, well now, I couldn't remember ordering, so I got checking it out.  An order from two months ago had shipped, and I wont say where from, but I can GUARANTEE I wont be ordering from the company again. It was the 2nd order with them that I had placed, I recall the first order took like two weeks.  When it comes to my toys, I don't like to wait, like the commercial says, its my money and I want it now. If they had only told me that there would be a delay, I could have been prepared.. Sorry, its just the way I am, impatient.. And they are having a black Friday sale, I wouldn't order if it was 80 % off, no I wont order...

I wanted to share with you a company I recently found by accident. They are out of Lakewood, New Jersey and new to Facebook.  I have ordered from them and they ship FAST, their prices are low, and shipping fee's LOW, and they carry MANY brand's of dies. And its VERY easy to navigate their online store.  If you go to their FB page, please tell the I (Patti Doss) sent you. Sign up for their mailing sub and they will send you a percentage off in your email. Like their page and start saving...Till next time..Hugs..Patti

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