Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me With A Gift for You

Well here comes 2014 whether we're ready or not.  It's amazing how after you hit fourty the years fly by.  I can still remember when I couldnt wait to be 13, then 21, and then oh my where did the time go.
January 6th is my day, I have a request to make... I have only received one card since I started making cards a few years back and it was from a Canadian friend Judy Curtis.  Thanks Judy. This is the lovely card she made for me.
So now I have a request, since my birthday is coming up...Could I have my friends who craft and make cards to send me a card or tag, your choice and I will hang or tack them up in my craft room as inspiration, please... At the end of January, I will then draw from the names a prize winner for a package that I will be putting together through the month. Stamps, embellishments, who knows what will be included.  So here is my name and address, surprise me...Tag or card
BIRTHDAY is January 6th...
Good Luck in the drawing
I have received a card, YAY...Thank you so much Karen, not only a card but has a handmade tag as well, so lovely...Sharing the card and tag Karen made.
Remember you have til the end of January to send me a card.  Thanks Bunches and Hugs
I received two more cards, yay...The card on the left is from Sammy and the right is from Carole. Thank you so very much, I love them... 
I have been feeling so unproductive here lately, I cant get in the mood to sit down and create at all...Just feeling blah all I want to do is sleep.  I feel so far behind in everything but just cant get in the mood.  What an awful feeling...


  1. Aw Patti, how sad you've only received one so far! I would be so very happy to send you one, and I think that hanging them in your craft room for inspiration is a great idea, and one I may steal for when I finally *have* a craft room! lol. x

  2. Hi Patti. so glad it arrived and you like it!
    I hope you're feeling a little more creative soon, as I know there's nothing worse than being in a crafty funk. I'm sort of in the same boat at the moment, but still have a LOT of crafting commitments so somehow have to force my way through it. This makes it a lot less fun than it should be. Luckily, it doesn't normally last longer than a couple of weeks for me, so hopefully I'll be up and attem again soon too!
    Hugs, Sammy-x